Chasdei Chashi LKallah, in memory of Reb Zev and Chashi Weiss A”H, is not just another organization, rather, a glimpse into the personal story of a family along with their messages of faith, courage and the ability to build from their pain.

R’ Zev and Chashi Weiss A”H  home was built on foundations of Torah and Mitvos. Their home was infused with Emunah, Bitachon while caring for every Yid.  Rabbi Zev and Chashi Weiss’ mesiras nefesh for gemilas chasodim and tzedaka was legendary.

That legend became desperately underscored when a serious illness suddenly and without warning struck both of them. Along with an abundance of tear-filled fervent tefilos to the Ribono Shel Olam, the Weiss children – six of whom were still living at home and unmarried – committed themselves to furthering their parents’ devotion to the needs of others by taking upon themselves the lofty mitzva of hachnosas kallah as a zechus for a refuah shelaima for both of their parents.

Tragically, R’ Zev and Chashi, the pillars of the Weiss home, left this world in the prime of their lives, leaving a deep vacuum in the hearts of their family and in those that lovingly knew them. The legacy of their extraordinary ahavas yisroel and chesed, however, lives on in the activities of Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah.

“Mazel Tov! My daughter became a kallah! I’m trying to feel the simcha – and although we can’t afford much, we are managing the best we can by getting the things she needs on sale – BUT BEDS DO NOT GO ON SALE!!!  I realize this is something I cannot do on my own – Your Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah has provided the beds and lifted a lead piece off of our hearts! Thank you!”


“The economic times speak for themselves. My husband and I both lost our jobs. Now with a kallah in the house, we did not know what to do!! By setting up the beds, dinette table and chairs, their once bare apartment will become a home that they will able to show for themselves! Thank you, Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah!”


“Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah, how can I put into words the wonder that you have done? After notifying you about the x family, you wasted no time in responding and reacting, discreetly delivering beds and a beautiful dinette set to a new home that otherwise would have been empty. When the kallah set her eyes upon the furniture, her face literally shone with a refreshing new happiness. She and her chosson now share feelings of exuberance that up until that moment had been sorely lacking!”


With utmost sensitivity, high quality mattresses, box springs, and in some cases, dinette sets, are distributed to hundreds of needy kallah’s each year. Working with little overhead and no paid employees, Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah’s dedicated volunteers work discreetly to do background checks and to ensure that the dignity of the organization’s recipients’ is rightfully preserved. Many of the times the couple does not even know that they are receiving this furniture from a Tzedaka, as they get to choose the dinette sets themselves. The radiant kallah’s joy knows no bounds.

Who are Chasdei Chashi L’kallah’s recipients?

Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah’s recipients are your fellow yidden. They could be your friends or neighbors. They could even be your own relatives…The people who show a smile on the outside and greet you amiably as if they had not a care in the world, may be crumbling under the financial pressure of marrying off a child. Needy families from all over the United States and Canada reach out to Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah for help. They know they will be treated with dignity and interest. They know that once they reach out to CCL, their smiles will return and their simcha will be truly complete

What is Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah?

Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah is the unbroken chain of chesed inspired by Rabbi Zev and Chashi Weiss, a”h. It is the legacy that beckons each of us to ease the burden of a fellow yid and be a privileged part of building yet another Bayis Ne’eman B’Yisroel.

You, Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah supporters, can ensure that once again simcha, with a light heart, permeates these homes as they set out to build their home. Take part in our upcoming auction. JOIN NOW

For further information or to purchase tickets, Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah can be reached at 718-253-1627 or