feathers-about2A safe haven that provides protection from the elements. A young girl spends the happy, carefree years of her youth in the warm cocoon of her childhood home. Her worries are few; her needs are met. Little by little, she grows and matures. Bit by bit she pushes against the walls of her shell until she is ready to emerge into the outside world. She longs to spread her wings; to soar, to fly.

And when that great day finally arrives, when she metamorphoses into a radiant Kallah with a Chassan by her side, along with that burst of brilliant olor is a gnawing fear of the future. Who will provide for her? How will she manage the staggering expenses of setting up a new home? Let us join together to prevent that special day in the lives of so many beautiful Kallahs from being marred by financial worry. Let us allow them to spread their wings in a panorama of stunning color, and soar with joy and freedom into their new lives and homes. Let us be at their sides as they spin their own cocoons for the next generation.

And in the process, we will amass tremendous zechusim for ourselves and for the incredible couple for whom Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah was named: Rabbi and Mrs. Zev and Chashie Weiss. With the eternal strands of Ahavas Torah and Yiras Shamayim, they spun a most secure and loving cocoon for their children. Together they personified Chessed and sensitivity to others’ pain in the purest form, and it is our goal as their children to spread their rays of sunshine and light to Kallahs in need. May their Neshamos soar ever higher as we continue their lofty goals.

Soar with us forever higher as we help build the future homes of Klal Yisroel. The sky’s the limit.