A garden in full bloom. Flowers in all hues of the
rainbow sway in the breeze; velvety petals nestle among
luscious greenery. Roses in bold, vibrant colors rise
majestically against a bed of rich, dark earth.
From where does this beauty emerge? From hard, uncultivated
dirt. From tiny seedlings, waiting to be sown. So much beauty,
so much potential, lie dormant within, waiting for the chance
to burst forth into a dazzling array of colors and scents.
And that is the job of the gardener. To tenderly sow,
plant and nurture each tiny seedling. To watch with
pride as tiny buds form, followed by blossoming
flowers, magnificent in their splendor. And finally,
to revel in their exquisite display as they stand
tall and strong, with firm roots spreading                             feathers-about2
deep beneath the soil.
Totty and Mommy, you were our gardeners.
We, your children, were your delicate
buds, whom you selflessly nurtured with
your firm yet gentle touch. Together, you
painstakingly removed the rocks and weeds
during our childhood, preparing fertile
ground for growth. You ensured that our
environment was secure by protecting
us from harsh and ruthless outside
elements. Under your loving,
watchful gaze, we blossomed and
flourished. And from those little
buds emerged strong, resilient
Ovdei Hashem, who now protect
and cultivate their own flowers
with pride.
Although our precious gardeners were plucked from this
world in their prime, the wonderful organization that bears
their names still thrives. Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah, established
in memory of Rabbi and Mrs. Zev and Chashi Weiss A”H,
recognizes the pain of a Kallah who yearns to nurture a
garden of her own, yet lacks the means to do so.
Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah bestows so many kallahs
with the ability to become gardeners, planting
their fledgling seeds in well-furnished homes.
By providing these Kallahs with the basics
to set up their homes, Chasdei Chashi
L’Kallah brings their budding dreams
to a flourishing reality.
So, grab a handful of seeds.
You, too, can plant future